Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The Final Part!

I saved the final video clip for you from the making of the Inside music video for Halloween! Did you see it on our YouTube Channel? It's a menacing moment captured from the video shoot by the brilliant Mr David Ryder Prangley. A sufficiently dark clip for All Hallows Eve I thought!

There were a few segments to the music video. Up close and personal, weird ghost dancer and big bad bass! This clip is taken from the last segment. Enjoy Part Five here if you haven't seen it already!

I'm so pleased that so many people have enjoyed the Inside music video! It was so easy and fun to film. All the elements of this video seemed to effortlessly come together, naturally and spontaneously.

I must thank my crew: Shelly d'Inferno for the stunning job she did with my hair and makeup, David Ryder Prangley for being such an awesome director and making the whole process so enjoyable and Adie Hardy for his technical and editing handy-work. You guys are the best!

Watch the video here:

I still have one or two more treats up my sleeve for you, plus some pretty cool photos from the 'What Goes Around' music video shoot!

Look out for them...


Monday, 1 October 2018

Stalking The Stage

Sorry for the late Blog post, this was scheduled to go out in September but I've been so busy, I couldn't get it done! Anyway it's worked out well because now I can tell you, Lilygun is on radio today!✨

Tune into 'The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show!' today at 2pm Eastern • 7pm UK • 11am PDT • 8pm CEST on Aii Radio here: to catch Lilygun's Inside single for the second time on Scott Terence Brownstone's show!


And here's a little treat for you from the 1920's!

I loved filming Lilygun's Inside music video! It gave me a chance to express myself and move in my own individual way on camera. This sequence is taken from the "weird ghost dancer" section in the middle of the song.

A gig reviewer once wrote
"Charismatic Anna Christina stalks the stage with cat-like grace".
Yes. I move like no other!
Inside Music Video - Behind the Scenes
©Photography by David Ryder Prangley
at Unit 2 Studios
Hair & Makeup by Shelly d'Inferno

Recently people have been asking me if I have changed something because I look like I'm shining!
The truth is, nothing externally is different but everything internally has changed. Of all the things I've learned how to be, I've finally learned how to be me.

Maybe I have a Part Five for you! 😈