Monday, 10 September 2012


Finally it’s here! After all the trails and tribulations Lilygun has been through, we never thought we’d see this day come but it has! Our debut album is out today and we want to thank everyone for their continued help and support x

There are many people who help make this band tick, but special thanks to the two outstanding musicians we’ve had the pleasure of recording and playing with, Mr Aaron John and David Ryder Prangley. Adie Hardy who worked with us on the album as well as doing a top job with the mastering, Dom Beckford for his help with the cover artwork, Harald Haugan, Lee aka Xplicit, Lenne, "The Catford Lads”, Ays, Keith Eccles, Tino, Buddha, our families and friends, and last but not least Piranha, the original Lilygun band member, for his unfaltering belief and support.
Also thanks to Cargo Records for putting the album out for us. We salute you all...

Right… time now to go and celebrate!


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