Saturday, 1 December 2012

Pretty Little Lady?

A long time ago, I was sitting in Mr Bailey’s house with a group of musicians and they were all jamming. One of them asked me to play something and I said no.
It wasn’t because I wouldn’t, it was because I couldn’t!

This will sound completely crazy because I’m a singer in a rock band but I’ve never been able to sing in front of other people in any situation that doesn’t involve me being on stage with 3 other musicians rockin’ out. Fronting a loud energetic rock band is completely different to the intimate settings of any acoustic performance and I’ve always admired musicians who can perform alone on stage with only an acoustic guitar and pull it off because it’s definitely not easy. I can't even do bloody karaoke?

And so… I have decided that now is the time to face my fears…”Pretty Little Lady?” is a concept I came up with for a series of acoustic gigs I will be performing on my own next year.
Drunken recording sessions have taken place… I will be playing a Garbage cover and a set of new songs especially for these particular shows venting my utter disgust at certain events and scum!

Not your typical singer/songwriter set, this will take balls to play!

“Let them fuel your fire”.

Love AC

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