Monday, 29 May 2017

Lilygun On Film

Over the years, people have often asked me why there is no official Lilygun Music Video! I don't do anything because it is expected. I only create things, if or when I see the right purpose for creating something.

In truth, there was a video that was supposed to come out at the same time as Lilygun's debut album. It was a video with compiled live footage from all of the best Lilygun shows in London. Unfortunately the "friend" who was making it for me, ended up completely letting me down and the video never happened. At the time, as you can imagine, I was really pissed off and after that, I didn't bother to even think about making a Music Video!

Since then, I've learned that everything in life that is meant to happen will, and not a moment before the time is right. Today, I can say, I'm so glad that I didn't attempt to make a Lilygun video until now! It's only now, that I feel all the right elements have aligned and the time is right!

We started shooting the video for Inside, the first single from Lilygun's second album, on Friday 19th May.


Ok so I don't want to give too much away about this video because I'd like to surprise you with it, but I will say, it's pretty damn cool! I will say, those of you who have been following Lilygun for many years, may get a bit of a shock when you see the AMAZING new image created for me by the super talented Shelly d'Inferno, who did both my hair and make-up! And I will say, this video, is so worth the long time you have waited to see Lilygun on film!
I won't say anymore...


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