Monday, 31 July 2017


Within six days of its release, Lilygun's second album Strength & Grace sold out.

Lilygun - Strength & Grace album sold out

We knew there were people out there who had been waiting for this album. We knew that the response to our Inside music video had been amazing. But we didn't know, copies of this album would be gone by Saturday morning on the week of its release!

Thank you very much to everyone who brought CDs and have already told us how much they've enjoyed listening to our new album. We wanted to make it a Limited edition so you knew you would be getting something special from us. That's also why we didn't mention the secret booklet inside, we wanted to surprise you!

We know some of you are disappointed because you didn't get copies, but you never know... Let's see what happens ;-)

Thank you all for your lovely comments, messages and support. We are truly touched by the love you have all shown us.


Lilygun - Strenght & Grace album 2017

"This album is not metal, a kinda soft rock record with ample crossover appeal that should surely see Lilygun propelled onto mainstream radio big time! 'Inside' is a brooding opener with a helluva catchy chorus with second cut 'Out of Yourself' another slow brooding number. The band can also take it up a notch with cuts like 'What Goes Around', coupled with another catchy chorus. This album is a beautiful effort, encompassing mainly slow atmospheric tracks, but it is well worth checking out." 
Strength & Grace Album Review by Ravenheart Music

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