Sunday 28 April 2024

Your Star

Your Star

A Tribute Song for Belle Star

To mark my dear friend's birthday today, I would like to dedicate this recording to Belle Star.

Last year, I performed this song at his tribute night at the Underworld in Camden. Releasing it as a single today is my way of honouring him. Perhaps it can provide some sort of comfort to those who are missing him as much as I am.

I wrote this song on 23rd April 2023, not long after the news of his passing. I immediately recorded a demo of it with vocals and an orchestra arrangement. It was only meant to be for me but I ended up performing a solo version of it, with David Ryder Prangley on acoustic guitar, at Belle's tribute night. After that, I knew I had to make a band version and invite Belle's friends to record on it. From the start, I also knew that I had to have Belle's drumming on the recording.

Many tears have fallen during the making of this song. I ended up keeping my original vocal as it was brimming with emotions I could not recreate. It's not meant to be a sad song. I actually do think of him when I drink red wine and smile! If you listen closely to the second part of the second verse, Belle's drumming rises where the rest of the track doesn't. I decided to keep this as I felt such joy in hearing his drumming coming to the forefront in that moment. Throughout the recording process I felt his presence in his drumming and I hope you will feel it too when you listen to the song.

I didn't think this would be Lilygun's next single and even though it is released under that name, it's really a tribute from us, his friends, to Belle our Star, whose light will never go out.

Your Star


Recorded and Produced by Anna-Christina at A Line Studios, London
Vocals and Orchestra by Anna-Christina
Lapsteel by Drew Richards

Bass by David Ryder Prangley
Drums by Belle Star
Cover design by WOW!

Download Your Star from Bandcamp here:

All profits from this recording will go to The Music Venue Trust - a charity that honours Belle's memory and that his family is passionate about.

BIG thank you to David, Drew and Marc.
Our love goes out to Belle Star and his family and to you.

With love,


Wednesday 26 July 2023


Bellefest -  - Celebrating the Life and Music of Belle Star


Celebrating the Life and Music of Belle Star

The Underworld in Camden welcomes all friends, family, lovers and fans of the glorious, iconic legend Belle Star to BelleFest this Saturday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Belle Star, a true London Legend, Maestro of the Electric Ballroom, incredible drummer, cool gentleman, DJ, and beautiful person, passed away in his sleep, on April 1st, 2023. The evening will be dedicated to celebrating his life and love of music, glamour and all things that glitter, with performances from various bands and musicians Belle worked with during his illustrious career.

All profits from the evening will go to The Music Venue Trust - a charity that honours Belle's memory and that his family are passionate about.

This is a 14+ event. 14 and 15 year old’s MUST be accompanied by an adult

I will be making a rare appearance performing Bass in David Ryder Prangley's band and singing a solo acoustic song I wrote for Belle my Star.

Get tickets here:

And I'll see you there...