Sunday, 4 March 2018

Make Love, Not War

I just received a message from a so called Lilygun fan calling me ugly this morning on Facebook. This guy has been annoying me for weeks now and finally today, I have blocked him, so no problem.

What bothers me, is not the horrible stupid things he's been saying to me but that people use social media as a vehicle to spread negativity and hate. Isn't there enough of that in this world already?

I know this sort of shit is common but I have to admit, my fans and followers are AMAZING and I have only experienced one or two things which weren't pleasant but this guy... bloody hell!!!

The safety of being able to hide behind a keyboard and type anything to anyone has made some people lose sight of humanity.

I am a real person!!!

He became more agitated when I began to ignore him but he continued to send countless messages, almost every day!

I should have told him to go fuck himself but the truth is, I feel sorry for him because I know that only hurt people, hurt people. I don't want to contribute to the vast stream of negative energy which exists in our world.

Being a public figure of any kind will always mean you are more vulnerable to personal criticism and negative opinions. Most artists understand this. But it doesn't mean it's ok.

If there's anyone experiencing this kind of thing right now, don't take it personally but also don't put up with it either. No need to name and shame, just block and forget about it.

I love the old anti-war slogan - make love, not war.