Sunday, 1 May 2011

Modern Day Rockstars Are...

A bunch of self-loving, arrogant little impersonators with not a single original bone in their bodies. Posers and ponces, fakers and liars all out for themselves. It takes balls to bare your soul. These arseholes around today have no style or charm and have forgotten what Rock'n'Roll is all about.
Too busy watching themselves on Youtube, taking pictures of themselves and posting them with self-degrading Tweets. Twitter is for twats. No actual Rock band would do that bollocks! Speaking as a Rock fan myself, no I don't give a fuck what you put on your sandwich or where you were last night. Where's the air of mystery?

But it's not all bad... occasionally I stumble across a band that plays from the heart and means what they say and then I meet them and I discover that not only are they a great band but decent human beings too, the world makes sense again and I am reminded that not all musicians are total pricks!

Love you... ACx