Friday, 31 August 2012

Lilygun in Fanbase Music Magazine!

Massive thanks to Duwyne Clayton for featuring a Lilygun album review in Fanbase Music Magazine Issue No:20. They are a South African base online music magazine that brings you up to date news on local and international music bands and various other interesting articles.

Click on this link to read the magazine:

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Latest News

Lilygun were interviewed by Allan McKay from Music Riot before they took to the stage at The Peel last Saturday. Check it out here:

Anna-Christina from Lilygun singing on stage photo
And here's a review of Lilygun and King Lizard -

Thanks Chris Sepulchre, William Admas and Simon Topp for taking these awesome photos from last weeks Alternative Festival. See more photos of all the bands here:

Anna-Christina from Lilygun singing on stage photo
Anna-Christina from Lilygun singing on stage photo
Anna-Christina from Lilygun singing on stage photo
David Ryder Prangley playing bass in Lilygun photo
Belle Star from Lilygun on stage photo
Anna-Christina from Lilygun singing on stage photo

REVIEW And here's a review featuring Lilygun -

Thursday, 16 August 2012

XPat Radio Skype Interview

Brilliant time doing our first Skype interview yesterday at Unit 2 Studios with D.K Wells on XPat Radio. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to America and talk about our album. The show will be posted in September so we'll keep you posted on it. Here's some photos that Adie Hardy took for us.

Anna-Christina and Belle Star from Lilygun being interviewed on XPat Radio photo


Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I woke up this morning to an album review that almost brought tears to my eyes! Now I know that may sound OTT, but Lilygun has been through so much, so many bad times and heart break, usually mine, but today here it is... alive and kicking!

Over the years people tried to change it because it "doesn't fit in" but I'm so proud we stuck to our guns and made something that's real and the response to it has been truly amazing!

Anyway I won't go on but here is another stunning album review -

We also did a short interview for More Than The Music which you can see here:

And today we have our first Skype interview on XPat Radio at 4pm which you can tune into here:

Can't wait for our back to back gigs this weekend!

Good times,


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lilygun Weekender!

Here's something Lilygun has never done before... two great shows back to back in the middle of August!

Saturday 18th - The Peel
King Lizard/LILYGUN/Earthtide/Yesterdays Trash Queens
160 Cambridge Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 3HH
Doors 7pm - (Lilygun on stage 9.15pm)
Train: Norbiton B.R (5 mins from venue)
Entry £7/£6 NUS discount
Lilygun flyer image

Sunday 19th - Renaissance Alternative Festival
Die Kur/Jordan Reyne/Maxdmyz/Ghostfire/LILYGUN/Drilling Spree/Bleak/BB Blackdog
Boston Music Room, 178 Junction Road, London N19 5QQ
Tube: Tufnell Park (5 mins from venue)
Doors 4-11pm
Entry £7/£5 with Alternative Bring and Buy Sale stamp

Lilygun flyer image

Dj Vade Retro (Reptile/Antichrist) and Dj Jonny will be playing music during and after the bands. The all day event runs from 4pm following The Alternative Bring and Buy held upstairs at The Dome making it a continuous event running from 11am, with live music from 4pm.
Those who attend the Alternative Bring and Buy Sale will receive a discounted entrance to Renaissance. NMTCG will also have a stall selling records and merchandise.

Lilyfun x