Friday, 27 July 2018

Female Fronted Music, The Woman in Rock!

Here's a quick Lilygun update...

On Radio!

The theme for this week's worldwide live broadcast of Hotchpotch is 'Female Fronted Music, the Woman in Rock!'. Lilygun will be part of this show on Slos Radio! Tune in today between 8-10pm. Lilygun's single 'What Goes Around' will be aired at the end of the second hour around 9.30pm. You can listen online, on TV Radio Channels as well as FM Radio. Find out how on their Facebook page.

Two more Lilygun songs will be featured again on Friday 17th August! We'll keep you updated on this...

Album Review

Just in case you missed it, Strength & Grace had a brilliant review posted by Garreth Plant to Subba-Cultcha! This website is pretty cool in that it allows fans to post album reviews! Check it out and read Lilygun's review here:

Behind The Scenes

Here's a couple of new photos from the Inside music video shoot...

Camera test
What to wear?
In motion

In further recent Lilygun news, thanks to AC acquiring a horrible stripy tan at Santa Pod Raceway, now we can't film the next Lilygun music video! You'll have to wait for it lol!