Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The Final Part!

I saved the final video clip for you from the making of the Inside music video for Halloween! Did you see it on our YouTube Channel? It's a menacing moment captured from the video shoot by the brilliant Mr David Ryder Prangley. A sufficiently dark clip for All Hallows Eve I thought!

There were a few segments to the music video. Up close and personal, weird ghost dancer and big bad bass! This clip is taken from the last segment. Enjoy Part Five here if you haven't seen it already!

I'm so pleased that so many people have enjoyed the Inside music video! It was so easy and fun to film. All the elements of this video seemed to effortlessly come together, naturally and spontaneously.

I must thank my crew: Shelly d'Inferno for the stunning job she did with my hair and makeup, David Ryder Prangley for being such an awesome director and making the whole process so enjoyable and Adie Hardy for his technical and editing handy-work. You guys are the best!

Watch the video here:

I still have one or two more treats up my sleeve for you, plus some pretty cool photos from the 'What Goes Around' music video shoot!

Look out for them...


Monday, 1 October 2018

Stalking The Stage

Sorry for the late Blog post, this was scheduled to go out in September but I've been so busy, I couldn't get it done! Anyway it's worked out well because now I can tell you, Lilygun is on radio today!✨

Tune into 'The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show!' today at 2pm Eastern • 7pm UK • 11am PDT • 8pm CEST on Aii Radio here: to catch Lilygun's Inside single for the second time on Scott Terence Brownstone's show!


And here's a little treat for you from the 1920's!

I loved filming Lilygun's Inside music video! It gave me a chance to express myself and move in my own individual way on camera. This sequence is taken from the "weird ghost dancer" section in the middle of the song.

A gig reviewer once wrote
"Charismatic Anna Christina stalks the stage with cat-like grace".
Yes. I move like no other!
Inside Music Video - Behind the Scenes
©Photography by David Ryder Prangley
at Unit 2 Studios
Hair & Makeup by Shelly d'Inferno

Recently people have been asking me if I have changed something because I look like I'm shining!
The truth is, nothing externally is different but everything internally has changed. Of all the things I've learned how to be, I've finally learned how to be me.

Maybe I have a Part Five for you! 😈


Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Becoming Me

Industry person "Anna-Christina, your image isn't appealing."
AC "But I look exactly how I want to look!"

Over the years, I have had some very tough times in Lilygun. You only need to scan over our History page to see that Lilygun has been a band with countless line-up changes and dilemmas! One of the things I have been criticised about is the way I look!

People have always had an opinion on me and quite frankly, I don't give a damn what people think about the way I look!

I have never been on stage without my hair in plaits or dreadlocks because that is the way I wish to do my hair. I have a certain style of my own. I love the fact that I don't look like any other singer and since people in the music industry are always saying they are looking for something different, I would have thought it would have been appreciated that I look different! Instead, the feedback I got was, "we don't know how to sell you"!

Rock'n'Roll is about self expression and artistry as much as the music. My image mirrors my music, difficult to define. I was told my image wasn't appealing and it's a bloody good job I didn't listen! Ironically, today, it's my image that has drawn followers towards Lilygun, and I've done a pretty great job of "selling" it myself!

There's nothing more powerful than being your authentic self. That's how you connect with people. Maybe in some way, you can inspire people and encourage them to shine the way they are, instead of trying to fit in with other people's expectations and opinions!

I'm so grateful I found a makeup artist who understood this about me. Shelly d'Inferno was so great to work with on the Inside music video. She knew exactly what to do and created a look which was perfect for this video.

Here's a little clip of her in action (with Mr Adie Hardy)...

People will always have opinions on the way you look. But really, the only opinion that truly matters about how you look, is your own. Create your own unique identity and enjoy it. The world would be a very boring place if we all looked the same!

Part Four coming your way soon...


Wednesday, 8 August 2018


If you missed Lilygun on radio recently, we have two Radio Replays for you to listen to!
First there's the replay of Norman Birch's excellent show on Banbridge Community Radio.
Click on Normskis Show 22nd July 2018 for a mix of folk, blues, country, rock and of course Lilygun!

And here's a link to Scott Terence Brownstone's show, first aired this week, The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show! Replay on Aii Radio.



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Friday, 27 July 2018

Female Fronted Music, The Woman in Rock!

Here's a quick Lilygun update...

On Radio!

The theme for this week's worldwide live broadcast of Hotchpotch is 'Female Fronted Music, the Woman in Rock!'. Lilygun will be part of this show on Slos Radio! Tune in today between 8-10pm. Lilygun's single 'What Goes Around' will be aired at the end of the second hour around 9.30pm. You can listen online, on TV Radio Channels as well as FM Radio. Find out how on their Facebook page.

Two more Lilygun songs will be featured again on Friday 17th August! We'll keep you updated on this...

Album Review

Just in case you missed it, Strength & Grace had a brilliant review posted by Garreth Plant to Subba-Cultcha! This website is pretty cool in that it allows fans to post album reviews! Check it out and read Lilygun's review here:

Behind The Scenes

Here's a couple of new photos from the Inside music video shoot...

Camera test
What to wear?
In motion

In further recent Lilygun news, thanks to AC acquiring a horrible stripy tan at Santa Pod Raceway, now we can't film the next Lilygun music video! You'll have to wait for it lol!


Sunday, 20 May 2018

Little Miss Dreadlock

Anna-Christina from Lilygun with Shelly d'Inferno - Inside Music Video shoot

Are you ready for The Making of Inside Part Two?

Filmed at Unit 2 Studios in London, the Inside music video was so much fun to make. I didn't have a specific plan as to what I was going to do on the day, although I did choreograph a few moves in the mirror as I was listening to the song. However, I didn't want to look rehearsed. I wanted to feel free and be spontaneous and natural, as that is how I perform on stage at gigs. I also wasn't sure about how to look!

Whilst the guys were working on the set, I was having my hair and makeup done by the brilliant Shelly d'Inferno. I decided to ditch my plaits and go for something new...


Anna-Christina from Lilygun - Inside Music Video shoot

This was the first time I have ever had dreads and I absolutely LOVE them! So much so, that now I continue to incorporate them all the time! If I was a Mr Men character, I'd be called Little Miss Dreadlock lol!

Shelly did an amazing job with my hair and makeup and the image she created greatly added to the video. With such a strong image and the lighting created, I felt I didn't have to do much! All the elements came together right there, in that moment. Filming was easy. I ran the song through a couple of times from the beginning to the end slightly changing my moves for each take, one costume change later, a bit of "weird dancer girl" for the middle section and the video was done!

So without further ado, here's The Making of Inside Part Two I promised you...

Now on to the next one...


Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Anna-Christina from Lilygun - Inside Music Video shoot

Greetings Earthlings!

Here's a quick rundown of some of the cool things going on right now...

It was such an honor for me to be added to the Women & Bass community this year! They have shared a few of my photos playing Bass in Lilygun's Inside music video. I always wanted to be a Bass player and thanks to David Ryder Prangley asking me to join his band Sister Witch on Bass, I find I have become one!

Recently, I have been blown away by fans creating Lilygun artwork. This is so cool!
Here are two amazing pieces by Michéal Chewie White.

Anna-Christina from Lilygun - Fan Art

Anna-Christina from Lilygun - Fan Art

At the moment, Lilygun is planning a third music video. In the meantime, we thought we'd treat you to a little behind the scenes video clip from when we filmed Inside. Enjoy!

Part Two coming soon...


Sunday, 4 March 2018

Make Love, Not War

I just received a message from a so called Lilygun fan calling me ugly this morning on Facebook. This guy has been annoying me for weeks now and finally today, I have blocked him, so no problem.

What bothers me, is not the horrible stupid things he's been saying to me but that people use social media as a vehicle to spread negativity and hate. Isn't there enough of that in this world already?

I know this sort of shit is common but I have to admit, my fans and followers are AMAZING and I have only experienced one or two things which weren't pleasant but this guy... bloody hell!!!

The safety of being able to hide behind a keyboard and type anything to anyone has made some people lose sight of humanity.

I am a real person!!!

He became more agitated when I began to ignore him but he continued to send countless messages, almost every day!

I should have told him to go fuck himself but the truth is, I feel sorry for him because I know that only hurt people, hurt people. I don't want to contribute to the vast stream of negative energy which exists in our world.

Being a public figure of any kind will always mean you are more vulnerable to personal criticism and negative opinions. Most artists understand this. But it doesn't mean it's ok.

If there's anyone experiencing this kind of thing right now, don't take it personally but also don't put up with it either. No need to name and shame, just block and forget about it.

I love the old anti-war slogan - make love, not war.


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Agent of Change Campaign

Agent of Change Campaign: write to your local MP and Government Ministers to protect music venues.

Alarmingly, around 35% of music venues across the country have closed in the past decade. Music venues play a vital role in supporting the industry’s ecosystem and ensuring a healthy music industry. They also play a key role in nurturing the talent of tomorrow.

A growth in demand for property in city and town centres has led to increasing rents and landlords deciding to sell property and land to developers. This has placed rising financial burdens on pre-existing operators of grassroots music venues, who are often situated in areas that are popular for redevelopment. It has made them vulnerable to a more liberalised planning system.

Former Government minister John Spellar MP is promoting new legislation in Parliament to protect music venues in the wake of this. The Planning (Agent of Change) Bill would place the agent of change principle to planning law on a statutory basis. “Agent of Change” means those bringing about a change take responsibility for its impact. The Bill has political momentum and has secured cross-party support. There is a very real prospect of that this proposal could become law, providing much-needed support to music venues in the process.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has committed to the principle in his London Plan. The Welsh Government are delivering on it. The Scottish Government are also looking into it. It is time for the UK Government to get behind the Bill and back the Planning (Agent of Change) Bill.

• Please write to your MP in support of these proposals and ask them to call on the Government to adopt the Planning (Agent of Change) Bill. To find out who your local MP is, click here.

• Please write to the following Government ministers and ask them to support the Planning (Agent of Change) Bill:

Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP
Secretary of State
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
100 Parliament Street

Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP
Secretary of State
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
2 Marsham Street

• Alternatively, you can send a tweet to @sajidjavid @DominicRaab @JakeBerry @MattHancock @mhclg @margot_james_mp now & ask them to support the @spellar Bill on 10th January.

UK Music Members