Sunday 20 December 2020


My dear Lilygun friends and followers,

What an unbelievable year 2020 has been! I hope you have all been ok in these very difficult times we find ourselves in! The music industry has been badly effected by COVID-19, especially the live music scene. I feel very sorry for all the bands, artists, and sound engineers out there trying to continue with their careers. It makes me realise how lucky I have been to have had the times I've had with Lilygun!

I feel at this point, it is important to tell you why I have been inactive with Lilygun in recent years.

Some of you already know, that for the last few years, I have been living a double life! Although I have been seen in public on many occasions, playing Bass in other people's bands, Lilygun has not performed live or released recordings for quite some time.

This is because I began a hobby a few years ago and this hobby has turned into a business! Not just a business, a passion of mine! It's something that merges everything I love, from audio production and composing music and songs, to storytelling and children's books. It's Music Audio Stories!

I create children's music audiobooks like no other! Full orchestral scores and magical soundtracks, catchy sing-along songs and cute stories that teach and uplift little listeners! I have recorded voice-overs with rock stars, actors, and become a narrator myself!

I can't even begin to tell you how much my life has changed, how much I have changed, since I began Music Audio Stories. I have almost become a different person! I still have that rock'n'roll fire in me make no mistake! In fact, my music audiobooks feature names of famous rock stars and references such as a story I have called 'Johnny No Cash', which has a skunk in it called Nancy! :-D

I created my own storytime based on my audiobooks called Storytime with Anna Christina. This has taken me from schools and nurseries (where I first tested my stories with the children), to The Barbican Centre, festivals, and library workshops in London. It was a little like gigging! I started off with small groups of children at public events and over time, I ended up with massive groups of 50 or more children taking part in my Storytime! It was unbelievable! You can read all about it on my website...

Now please don't misunderstand me... This IS NOT the end of Lilygun! There WILL be a third album and more music videos to come! However, I cannot say when I will be able to produce the next recordings as my attention is now fully fixed on Music Audio Stories.

From now on I will only be on these platforms:


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I will be posting videos of me and my Storytime on this channel next year! :-)

See you on the bright side...

Farewell for now,



  1. This is absolutely awesome jurney of yours!
    I wish you all zhe best with future amazing creations!
    Love your music and your Audio Stories!
    Keep well and listen to you soon!

  2. Bless you!
    Thank you so much, your support means the world to me!
    ♥ Anna-Christina

  3. Continued good luck and best wishes for your ventures and adventures. Stay creative in all you do.

  4. Thanks Nancy, keep in touch with me...
    ♥ Anna-Christina