Thursday 6 April 2023

R.I.P Belle Star

R.I.P Belle Star

Belle my Star's sudden passing has left many of us devastated and heartbroken. I know, he wasn't just my Star. He was a shining Star to so many of us and will be remembered not only for the talented and legendary musician and DJ that he was, but also for being one of the kindest, most generous, and most loving people in this world. His passing is met with a hurricane of grief but of love too.

He was the most glamorous and stylish man I knew. I often wondered how on earth he was able to look so fabulous at rehearsal at 11 am! He was the legs and feet of Lilygun. No one hit that snare drum as loud as he did. He was also an amazing producer and I chuckle to myself now, when I hear his sweet voice saying, "AC, the drums need more air!". He knew how to establish exactly what was important in a mix, how to fine-tweak songs and make them sparkle. He brought out the best in the musicians around him and I feel so incredibly lucky that I had the privilege of performing, recording and working with him for so long.

Though it's difficult to comprehend that we will not see him again, he lives on in the music he made, in the hearts of his friends and family, and in the memories of everyone who knew him. I have learned many things from Belle. One of the most important things that I have learned, is that it's wonderful to leave things we have created in this world behind. But what's more important than that, is the impression we left on others. In the current climate, it matters how we treat others. Kindness matters and no one was kinder than Belle our Star.

Love you forever my dear friend Belle Star, you will never ever be forgotten.


Belle Star - Lilygun - Photography by Harald Haugan
©2011 Haugan Photography

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